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In order to give a head-start to the Ullas students, we have created a unique self-enrichment module called SUMMIT. The Summit program comprises of a personality development module conducted during weekends. The Summit Program is graded as Level 1 to Level 4, with Level 1 beginning for Class 9th and finishing with Level 4 for Class 12th.

Each Ullas student attends their respective Summit module that comprises of 5 sessions of Personality development classes that comes to a total of 15 hours, meaning 3 hours per session.

  • The personality development classes are conducted based on specially crafted lesson plans that encompass Communication skills, confidence-building, memory skills, active team work, public speaking and leadership skills.
  • All the classes are anchored by Polaris and Intellect employees (and their families) during the weekends, thus giving the employees a special opportunity to mentor these students.

Through the SUMMIT programs, Ullas gets a fantastic opportunity to make positive interventions in the journey of the student and actively support their Can Do attitude towards achieving their aspirations.

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