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Having supported the Ullas student for a four-year period between 9th as 12th, Ullas evolved along with the students and decided to widen its scope to supporting Higher Education for these students with Merit Scholarships and Mentoring Programs. .

After the 12th standard, aspirants apply for the higher education scholarships and go through a formal interview by panels of Polaris and Intellect employees, where they build a case of why they should be awarded the scholarships. This again gives them a head-start in facing interviews. Parallely, the Polaris and Intellect employees use this interaction to gauge the commitment of the student in pursuing their dreams as well as counsel the student, if they find an important area for development.


The Higher education scholarships continue till the student graduates and their mentoring programs encompass Presentation techniques, Preparing for interviews, awareness of corporate etiquette and unleashing their potential as well as the power of team work demonstrated through out-bound programs.