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Touch the Soil is a unique program from Ullas that spreads the Power of Dreams to High School students in the DISTRICTS. The program is envisaged as follows:

  • A team of 5-6 members visit districts of their choice.The team engages with students in 9th and 10th grade from Government schools.
  • The team organises the Diary of Dreams workshop - an annual workshop specially designed for students in 9th Grade. This is an interactive workshop that runs for 120 minutes. Each student is gifted with a Diary of Dreams
  • Each student is encouraged to dream big and dream with conviction. They then pen their dreams in their Diary of Dreams . The concept is that when dreams are penned on paper, the student commits the dream to his/her subconscious.

We enourage Project teams to literally touch the soil by visiting remote districts and engaging with the high school students and actively igniting their dreams !

In Polaris group, we refer to these as "Team outing with a PURPOSE"!

The district program is run out of our regional head quarters - Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Andhra Pradesh (Hyderabad), Maharashtra (Mumbai & Pune), Delhi-NCR region (Gurgaon).

The district program in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Mumbai, Pune and NCR region is also inclusive of a Merit Scholarship Program.

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