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Ullas has created integrated and holistic programs to encourage the ‘Can do’ spirit in young students based on six guiding principles given below.

  • A young mind learns through his/her observations and by expanding his view. One can broaden his/her vision in this manner.
  • A young mind gets inspired by experiencing role models. Its only when one observes benchmarks of success can one even think about it.
  • A young mind gets energized and further encouraged by recognition in a larger group.
  • Between the ages of 13 and 16, the maximum change in one’s thought process occurs and any positive influence gets amplified
  • To bring anything to reality one needs to visualize it. When one pens his or her dreams on paper one’s own personal commitment to the dreams increases and the chances of achieving the dream increases
  • During the journey towards achieving dreams, if one’s thoughts are supported and discussed with a mentor, friend and guide, it inspires and accelerates momentum towards one’s goals.